Industrial Safety Course in Andhra Pardesh

Privacy Policy

IIFSE , we are fully committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethics and transparency in all our business dealings. To ensure these standards and operate with integrity, we have derived a set of policies to showcase the commitment, responsibility, and approach that will serve as prerequisites for our organization and business partners.

IIFSE is committed to delivering high quality and safe standards of training. IIFSE assures that its training delivery is effective and the organization ensures that it has a workforce that is competent and capable.

Training is multi-faceted and includes:
The development of existing abilities, skills or the acquisition of new ones to meet the organizational needs;
Widening the knowledge base of learners to enter into or deal with their new roles and responsibilities.

Training Policy:
IIFSE offers various training programs pertaining to Health, Safety and Environment (HSE). Individuals get trained and certified at IIFSE branches, whereas for corporates, training is conducted at various client locations.
Training programs are conducted with suitable, skilled and competent trainers for both Institutional programs and corporates.

IIFSE ensures necessary infrastructure, within (Institution training) and outside the organization (Corporate training) to carry out training effectively.

The trainers would provide feedback support to the participants on self-development to progress in their career.

Training Objectives:
To improve the employee skills, knowledge and attitudes through training methods followed in the organization.
To facilitate the employees to accept, adapt and manage the change required for fast learning and changing environment.

IIFSE focuses on the continual improvement of the QMS by imparting effective processes, improving the monitoring methods & measuring techniques and implementing the required actions to attain the desired goals of QMS. Each department head reviews the QMS performance monthly, while the Top Management reviews it bi-annually.

IIFSE  Objectives:

*Help learners and corporates select the right products and services.
*To study and meet the market demands for new products and services.
*To reach potential customers worldwide through online marketing and brand building by maintaining the online reputation.
*Ensure learners achieve high pass percentages and learn and adopt industry best practices.
*Encourage employees to improve their skills and competence levels so as to take higher responsibilities and create growth opportunities for themselves and the organization.
*To provide systems and processes so as to meet the above targets. All processes need to be reviewed regularly to ensure that they meet their intended objectives
*Act promptly, to provide adequately competent candidates to match the customer requirements as part of our recruitment and staffing vertical.
*Ensure compliance in the use of software, intellectual properties and adhering to learner, vendor, customer and international partner agreements.
*Encourage high-quality performance from our employees by providing tools for learning and development, a performance management system and a culture of empathy, trust, care and mutual respect.

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